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Final convention report of the year! I am now fully prepared to hibernate myself until Katsucon. Anywho! My last convention of the year was a great one ^^ I went over to ~AkabaraYashiki/Lunatique Cosplay’s place to visit in general, Tigercon happened to be that weekend xD

On Friday we watched a show her Theatre Art department put on called, “What Once We Felt.” It was fantastic. The outfits were outstanding (I had to point out the red striped fabric inside the ruffle of a dress which I thought was just beautiful) and the acting was phenomenal. The script was so dramatic and intense. It’s a story set in a world without men. To have babies, women would download a pill from the internet.

Then you have the Keepers and Tradepacks, Keepers would be the normal population of people so to speak, and Tradepacks were the abominations. They got sick very easily and would die early in life. The play is told in a series of stories and there were a few parts that were incredibly confusing/vague. Not in a bad way, in that ‘I-need-to-watch-it-again-to-get-it’ type of way. Too bad I won’t be able to watch it a second time xD But it was sooo good. If anyone has the chance to watch this play, I’d strongly recommend it.

Now onto the con report! We left for Tigercon at 11 am. I wore my Umi Ryuuzaki and ~AkabaraYashiki wore her Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and her friend cosplayed at Fai D. Flourite from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. ~AkabaraYashiki carried around a black Mokona and I carried around Kyuubey from Madoka Magica. We didn’t have a white Mokona, so we decided to bring him around to see how many people would realize it’s not from the same series xd We both signed up for the Costume Contest for fun. Later I met up with *TheBigTog to do a photoshoot since I was unable to for her for AnimeUSA. It was.. 50 degrees outside and we shot for a good hour. It was good to do a proper shoot for her, but near the end of the shoot, I literally couldn’t move my fingers because they were so cold. T-T But the photos will be well worth it, so it’s okay xD

We went back and I found ~AkabaraYashiki and her friends in the panel where they were teaching Para Para. They picked the PONPONPON song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu xD I didn’t join at first because I was still freezing, but then ~AkabaraYashiki dragged me off the chair and I ended up dancing as well haha. Later on, I FINALLY met ~sleepycreator xD We did a very quick shoot and then I hung out with ~AkabaraYashiki and friends. By 6, we went early to the main events room for the “fashion show.” I saw ~BalthierFlare‘s dad and said hi xDD Before that was Reni’s Maid Show. It was actually my first time watching Reni. The performance was good. Then we did the fashion show. I won “Best in Show!” I know the con was uber small, but it still meant a lot to me that the judges liked my costume. Some of their comments were they liked the use of trim, the flow of the outfit, and that I used satin xD I wanted to cry lol.

*TheBigTog met up with us afterwards to congratulate me and then we left.  She lent me her coat because I was FREEZING. When we returned to the house I put on ~AkabaraYashiki‘s Valshe wig and we went to the diner to eat in costume xD Seeing myself as a very impromptu Fai makes me want to cosplay him..

That’s it for this con report! I’ll have a few more wig reviews to post and then my end of the year cosplay report~