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One issue I usually have with ordering lenses is red lenses because I need them with prescription. A few months back they were a bit harder to find but nowadays it’s a bit easier to find them with prescription. I asked a friend of mine about them who recommended me to Geo-Lens House, a Facebook group.

I ended up ordering from i.Fairy in Hanabi Red. Just a note that their prescription number is written differently than in America. For example, my prescription is (-4.25. -4.25) but theirs is written as 425.

I ordered from them in April 27th and they didn’t ship until 2 days later. The lenses overall were okay. They’re vibrant but my bigger issue was the size of the lenses and the overall look. Not to sound racist to myself, but my eyes are smaller compared to other people’s eyes, so in some images, the lenses looked like it would engulf my entire eye (that and shadowing in images).

In terms of the overall look, unlike my green or blue lenses, the color does not begin outside the pupil, the color starts a few mm after that, so your own personal eye color WOULD become a factor in this. Brown isn’t so bad, but if you had blue eyes or something, it would be very obvious. You’d see your pupil, then blue eyes, then red ring. That’s probably the best way to describe it, it’s a ring around your eye.

Rating: ★★★☆☆/ 3 out of 5.

– Tracking number provided.

– Shipping was a bit slow.

Price: $17.00 + $1.81 tax + $11.90 shipping = $30.71
Time for Arrival: 20 days.

Would I order from them again? Maybe, if I really couldn’t find other place or I was ordering more lenses because I realized their shipping is quite high. But you can find them here.