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I ordered from this seller before and I really liked their wigs so I ordered from them again. This time I ordered a wig for Paddra Nsu-Yeul from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and to revamp my Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho wig.

One thing I learned is that, not all eBay sellers TELL YOU that they provide the tracking number. In my last purchase I ordered 4 wigs. (Two from cosplaydna2009, one from cosplayanimewigs and huangleijing_996.) They ALL provided tracking numbers, but I usually don’t check if it doesn’t say it in the “Updates” e-mail you receive. However I discovered if you go to the eBay Order Details for your purchases, some do provide tracking numbers. In my case, they all did, they just didn’t e-mail me to tell me.

When I saw the Kurama wig, usually the wig is wrapped in a black mesh, which ALWAYS throws me off. It doesn’t help that the lighting in my room is poor so I thought the wig was more of a burgundy color. But I found it to be a beautiful deep red. The fibers are super soft and I absolutely love the quality. While I still like the color of my original wig, I absolutely loved the quality of my new Kurama wig~

Rating: ★★★★★/ 5 out of 5.

Pros: – Tracking number provided. – Came with free wig cap per wig.

Cons:- None.

Price: $25.60 (Silver/Grey) + $22.40 (Red) + free shipping = $48.00
Item Location: China.
Time for Arrival: 11 days.

If you would like to purchase this wig, you can search “153 New Long Dark Red Cosplay Party Wavy Wig,” “088 New Long silver gray Cosplay Party Wig 100cm,” or check out cosplaydna2009’s eBay profile.