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On the weekend of November 18th, Euphie and I went to AnimeUSA!

I took the bus to Euphie’s house. We left her house around 4:30 and drove to the convention center. We weren’t able to get our badges yet so we got into our hotel and wandered around for a bit. We didn’t cosplay that day since we figured we’d get there pretty late. (It’s a 3 hour car ride.) So after moving all our stuff and getting settled in, we went to sleep.

We woke up early, and I got into Umi. This was the first time wearing her and I was pretty happy with the way she came out. She was a last minute cosplay and I had the blue fabric for her left over from another Umi costume.. So I figured, why not? I didn’t have a 3rd costume anyways. We got our badges and wandered in the Dealer’s room. I saw my friend Carrie at her Athena’s Wink booth and I said hi. Then we went to judge at 2:30. It was a super easy judging compared to Otakon. There were barely any people because we didn’t have our own room, instead we were in a panel room. A lot of people came in mistaking our room for the ‘Mythology to Pokemon’ panel.

Afterwards we wandered around for a bit and I changed into my Tifa wig. We were attending the ball, I lent Euphie my red dress and I had the same one in black. We went as modern Wallmarket Aerith and Tifa ^^. We only stayed there for 20 minutes before we left. Then Euphie got changed into Aerith and I got changed into Magnet Miku, with the wig and headphones lent from Lunatique, as she as my Magnet Luka ^^

We hung around at the Host Club for a bit. Then I helped Euphie out of her wig and hung out with a few other friends before heading in for the night.

I changed into Umi again because I was supposed to have an early shoot with TheBigTog. For some reason I was extremely drained and could barely even get out of bed. After I dressed, I went straight to judging. At one point during judging there was no one there, Daniela and I went to get food. I was standing in front of the door and at one point felt someone standing behind me. I turned around and saw a super tall, super accurate Professor Snape. Admittedly, I was EXTREMELY intimidated. I embarrassingly laughed a “I’m sorry,” before moving out of the way. He was extremely in character which I enjoyed, but he was pretty nice xD

After judging, I went back to my room to change into Tifa, then I wandered for a bit. Then I went back stage to the masquerade. Euphie did her song and she was sooo good <33 Then we handed out awards. Afterwards we hung around with some people and such. We even did 360 degree rotation photos. ^^

Sunday was a pretty short day. I woke up, put on Kurama and put all my stuff back in Euphie’s car. We met up with Yusuke, Koenma, and Yukina and the proceeded to our photoshoot with TheBigTog. We ended up shooting for 2 hours OTL. Afterwards we left and went home. Then I went home haha.

Some shout outs to new people I saw: ChibiTifa Cosplay, Vintage Aerith Cosplay, Fire Lily Cosplay, Eminence Rain, Jenni, Burloire, and everyone else I saw ❤