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So I needed to order some blue lenses because I planned on doing a mini photoshoot with my Yuna cosplay. I already had Dolly Lens Green from my Kurama cosplay, so I figured I’d just order some Dolly Lens Blue. I didn’t want to have to wait for a batch or pre-order so I was surfing around on the internet.

I stumbled upon Candy Lens, and it said they would take 2 weeks to deliver. They’re a circle lenses store based in Malaysia. And they gave you a tracking number to check on your lenses. I ordered on July 27th, and they were able to ship it out within the next day.

My one issue is that tracking it. They said sometimes the Malaysia Pos (where you can track the package) doesn’t update properly and after a week, to check it from your local post office website. It has been 9 days since they said they’d deliver it. The Malaysia Pos website updated it for the day it supposedly shipped. But when I checked the USPS website, it says “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.” So I’m wondering what has become of my lenses. But it hasn’t been two weeks so I don’t want to assume anything yet. Shall update it next week!

EDIT: I received the lenses on Monday, August 9th. It took less than 2 weeks to deliver! The lenses were in a cute little box and I received a cute little ‘thank you’ card from the seller.

– Quick delivery.
– Free lens case.
– Cute packaging.
– Lenses are extremely vibrant in color.

– Unreliable tracking number.
– Felt that the lenses looked slightly unnatural when I didn’t wear makeup.

Price: 25.90$ + 4.50$ shipping = 30.40$
Time for Arrival:  13 days.

Would I order from them again? Yes!