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At approximately 10:40 pm on October 13, 2010 something great happened.

Celestial Skies was born. Our dream.

I’ve always wanted to be part of a cosplay group. It’s always fun to cosplay with other people who share your passion and have the same interests as you! During the summer at AnimeNEXT, among the many people I met, I met ~Lingering-Tears We kept in contact and began planning for future cosplays with each other (the amount of things we want to do is unbelievable xD) and we had both shared that we wanted to join a cosplay group and decided to form our own!

For the past week, we had been trying to come up with a name. It had to be epic, but have meaning to us. A name worthy for a cosplay group.

We bounced around ideas, and nothing really stuck out to us. But one night, she came up with the name. Celestial Skies. She told me about it and we discussed a deeper meaning behind it. You can read what she wrote in her journal.

We also summarized it into a poem. The poem in our group was the edited version. This was our first draft:

Can one daydream at night?
Or are they merely dreams?
The sky is the path on which dreams take flight
Under the bright moon’s beams.

This is our dream, our vision.
Our heaven, a paradise.
Divine, ethereal, immortal, otherworldly.
The path on which our dreams can take flight.
This is our goal, our focus, our inspiration.

Thus ~Lingering-Tears and I have created a cosplay group!