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Err.. Skipping cosplays haha. I haven’t been able to work on a lot of stuff recently because I underestimated the intensity of some of my classes. They aren’t difficult. They are just time consuming. I’m currently stuck on design homework, so I’m updating this blog.

Updating once every 2 weeks seems too little.. But we shall see what happens. My cosplay plans for 2011 are changing once again, so when the new year begins, I’ll update it.. again.. haha. I have another surprise, but I’ll announce it once it’s confirmed ^^

In other news. I’m not sure if you know of Hiyoko-chan/Teeny from TotallyToasty, the girl from my previous posts with the awesome FFX Yuna tutorial. Well. I sincerely look up to her for her cosplaying, and the other day she said she was selling some of her cosplay things on deviantArt. One of the things she was selling that caught my interest was her FFX-2 Gunner Yuna Tiny Bee Guns seen in the image on the right.

I do plan on cosplaying as her one day.. I also didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of making prop guns. And Hiyoko-chan’s craftsmanship is pretty high quality. Had to seize the opportunity ^^

I’m going to revamp them a little bit. There are just slight smears in some places and I want to fix the lettering on the guns. Nothing too serious haha. This way I can feel a slight sense of accomplishment.. ^^