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On August 14th, I went to the 2010 Northern New Jersey Cosplay Picnic in Chatham, New Jersey. The picnic was held at Passaic River County Park. It was held by the lovely Tanya Wheelock and her sister Autumn Wheelock. Where do I begin to describe this experience..

This was the first cosplay picnic I have ever attended. Overall, it was a lot of fun! It was only a small group of people, so it wasn’t too bad. Getting there was probably the worst. There is no address for the place. The main road you take winds around. It took us at least.. half an hour of getting lost?

But all in all I had a blast! I invited my photographer friend I met at AnimeNEXT, TheBigTog. If you remember, he shot my [first] Tifa Lockhart photoshoot. ^^ Anyways, I did two photoshoots. The first, my friend (the Hiei from AnimeNEXT) wanted to do a “shipping” photoshoot for Hiei and Kurama. So I went to the picnic dressed as Kurama.

Then after the photoshoot was done, I debuted Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, with her outfit from “Magnet,” while my friend cosplayed as Luka Megurine. We debuted the headphones and waistband that I made ^^ I will be making a tutorial for the headphones soon!

After I did my Miku x Luka photoshoot, I just hung around with everyone and we went our separate ways. I made a bunch of new friends ^^ I had fun haha. Will definitely go next year if there is another one. I’m going to upload some photos from the two photoshoots in a different post. I had Miku shot a few times by several different photographers, but I think I’m only going to upload the ones TheBigTog photographed on Blogspot. For the others, check out my deviantArt!