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Changing my last cosplay again.. I was originally going to be Rikku in her songstress dressphere from FFX-2 since my mother REALLY didn’t want me to do her thief dressphere because it’s too revealing.

But! I was looking at the wigs since I need one for her and Kurama.. and.. I realized that.. wigs cost a lot xD And since I’m a perfectionist, I would want it to be a good quality wig. Both those wigs were about $30 each, so about $60 for wigs.. and I don’t have that kind of money..

And I hate using my parent’s money all the time. Certain things I will, like fabric costs, but I can’t make them pay for everything right? Soo.. I’ve decided to sacrifice the Rikku cosplay D; I’ll cosplay as her in the future when I have more money for her wig :]

So.. back to my search for another cosplay! I wanted one that I could just keep my hair color, unless I could find another one with red hair. I suck at thinking of cosplays.. Until I discovered the greatest website in the world..

Anime Character Database.com

This has got to be the greatest website in the world! It’s funny because my roomie and I were talking about how amazing it would be if there was a website where you could just type in eye color, hair color, etc. and it would generate anime characters for you!

AND HERE IT IS!!! Ahh I was so excited hahahaa.

So on this website, you can search up to 3 different eye color, hair color, hair length, age, gender etc. And it’ll generate it for you! You can even set character preferences like if you want the character to be from anime, video games, etc!

I came up with like.. 8-9 possible characters I’d cosplay as. It came down toooo..

So from the top row, left to right! Haku from Naruto, Chen from Touhou Project, Tohru Honda from Fruits Baskets, Xiang Hua from Soul Calibur. Now bottom row! Xiang Hua from Soul Calibur II, Lacrimosa from Lagrima, Seung Mina from Soul Calibur, and Tifa Lockhart from Advent Children!

I really want to cosplay as Tifa when I saw her as a choice. Definitely not her VII version since.. I don’t have.. the “body type” if you know what I mean.. But she has such a womanly face, and my face.. let’s just say sometimes I look younger than I should be xD But she’s sooo pretty!

I love Lacrimosa’s outfit.. I’ve never heard of the .. omg.. OMG.. Never mind I’m not cosplaying as her anymore.. I was confused that I couldn’t google anything on it.. until I looked on the database site and it says that Lagrima is a.. dirty game.. D; Oh my goodness, that was an epic fail. Like I completely just epic failed.

But yeah.. I’ll probably end up being a Soul Calibur character or Tifa. The idea of Haku tempts me because I’ve wanted to cosplay as him for a long time.. xD

When I work on it during the summer I will definitely upload pictures! ^^