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I need to begin updating more often.. The school year is almost over! It passed so quickly, only 3 more weeks left, then finals and summer! Haven’t made a tutorial in a while now @___@ I have the horrible habit of picking at my nails. They were nice and long and now they are short again ><

Cosplay Update

I will be going to AnimeNext! And cosplaying of course! I’m not sure if I’ll be getting a table yet, but hopefully I do! ^^ So the cosplay plan is;

  • Friday: Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, and my friend’s boyfriend will be cosplaying as Hiei.
  • Saturday: Pichu from Pokemon, my roomie and her best friend are Plusle and Minun, my friend and her boyfriend (the same one cosplaying as Hiei) are cosplaying as Raichu and Pikachu respectively.
  • Sunday: This one is up in the air. It’s either Maka from Soul Eater or Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. Maka is easy to do since I have a similar skirt and Rikku.. I like her hair xD But my mom wasn’t too keen on the idea because she wears a bikini top.

I will be making my own cosplays! Well.. with the help of my mom xD She said it’s practice since I’m going into Fashion Design in the fall. I’m going to use that as an excuse for her to let me cosplay as Rikku.. xD Hopefully, if I can, I want to join the Hall Cosplay Contest. I want to do one for Friday and one for Saturday, but then I can’t use the Maka cosplay since most of the stuff won’t be made..

School Update

I will be attending Philadelphia University next year for fashion design! I’m excited ^^ If I can, I’m going to take classes during the summer at FIT. Hmm.. I think that’s it for this section 😛

Blog Life – Youtube

Ahh slacking off here.. Need to work on this more often!

Hobby Life

So I’ve been working on charms for some time now. Haven’t been working on nail art as much as I’d like to, but ahh school work.. x____x If you want to check out what I’ve made, go to my deviantart! Hopefully I can sell them at conventions. I originally wanted to sell them online, but that’s kind of shaky at the moment.. But if anyone wants a commission, send me a message! ^^