It’s been a while since I updated my blog! I’ll use this as my pre-end of the year post since there’s only a few months left. I actually haven’t cosplayed that much this year compared to last year. I was dealing with school and a bunch of personal issues so I wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted to. Besides Katsucon, the only other conventions/events I went to was SpringFest, AnimeNEXT, Senshi Matsuri, and BroNYCon. Otakon wasn’t in my original plan to go to and a few other plans for other cons fell through.

I think I’m looking at going to few cons next year, but they’re further away/bigger cons so it’ll balance it out? The only ones I’m confirmed to going to so far are New York Comic Con, Magfest, and Katsucon. I’m interested in going to PAX East and Colossalcon as well. Maybe a Canadian con if I get lucky? That’s usually as far as I plan haha.

So the new ones I’ve done this year (so far) are:


Minako Aino, Sailor Moon. (Fruit Maids version)


Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time. (Bunny suit)

The Adventure Time fanart is drawn by Mookie! It was the first time making a bunny suit and I learned a lot. I wish I had more time to go back and make some changes, but I think it came out pretty okay for the first time! I’ll be re-wearing her for a group at Katsucon so I want to go back and finish some details I didn’t finish the first time around. I had tons of fun wearing Venus as well~ I definitely want to remake the orange dress and shorten the apron. I also re-wore her for Senshi Matsuri where I was a vendor and guest cosplay judge.

I said semi-end of the year because I still have a few other costumes I want to knock out. I’ll definitely be making 1-2 new costumes for New York Comic Con. Nothing too insanely crazy. That’ll be my last convention for the year. I definitely want to finish some simpler things I started/had planned for a while to make up for not making as many things during the year! Hopefully I can start being more active in blogging while I still have the time~

I updated the ‘My Costumes’ and ‘Upcoming Costumes’ section. I only included the costumes I personally made because there wouldn’t be much to write about for the borrowed ones lol. I want to go back and write up a mini bio for each one that I had done for the earlier ones which would include why I chose the character, construction details, gallery, etc. The ‘Upcoming Costumes’ section is new. Not all the ones on there are 100% confirmed, but they are ones I plan to do at some point! I’ll update more as I plan more things. Some include the ones I want to do next year and this year. Hopefully I’ll be better at pacing my time this time around.