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I was originally planning on cosplaying Lightning from the new Final Fantasy XIII-2 for.. AnimeNEXT(?) and then for Otakon, but those plans fell through. Anyways, I purchased her wig back in April 20th.

I paid on April 20th, and they didn’t ship it out until a week later. I received the wig on May 6th (approximately 16 days) and it turns out that they mailed me a Serah wig instead. So I promptly e-mailed them back telling me they gave me the wrong wig. It was very back and forth which annoyed me a bit. They wanted to resolve the issue because they didn’t want me to give them bad feedback. In the end they sent me a new wig. But this time they didn’t send me a tracking number.

18 DAYS LATER. I still had not received my wig, so I e-mailed them again. They replied with some crackpot excuse about how because of the volcano in Iceland delaying/losing the shipment. Then had the audacity to offer 20$ as compensation FOR NOW, and if I received the wig to give it back. How about you give me my wig in the first place, I live in the US, under no circumstances would the wig be shipped anywhere near Iceland to begin with. Besides, I paid nearly 40$ for this wig, I was getting this wig. So I angrily responded back because I had begun to wonder if they were coming up with a ridiculous excuse to not send me this wig.

Anyways, they apologized saying they thought I was from the UK, because someone in the UK ordered the same wig, and said they sent me my wig 2 weeks ago. Then they kept e-mailing me about how if I don’t get it in the next week, that they’ll send me a new one by EMS, and how they are an honest seller, even going and sending me a picture of the wig they supposedly shipped. A day later I calmed down and told them I still wanted the wig. They said they would send one again with a tracking number. Although they sent it to me the first time with a tracking number, so I was a little confused as to why they didn’t send one to me the second time (unless they didn’t send it to begin with).

In the end I did get that wig within 8 days. It was pretty, but looked absolutely nothing like the reference picture. But you know, I got the wig and I didn’t want to even bother arguing with them anymore. The image on the right is what I was SUPPOSED to get. The picture at the bottom is a more accurate shot of what I received.

– Tracking number given.
– Mailed out new wig.
– Good quality wigs.

– Wrong wig entirely.
– Looked nothing like the reference image.
– Had to sign for it.

Price: $37.99 + free shipping.
Item Location: Hong Kong.
Time for Arrival: 8 days. (After re-mailing)

Would I order from them again? Very debatable. The wig was good quality, but it was such a hassle trying to get the right wig. Although if you get the right wig to begin with, I think you’re set! If you wish to purchase this wig, search “Final Fantasy 13 LIGHTNING Pink wavy wig cosplay wigs” in the eBay search bar or look through koreahomme’s ebay profile.