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Overdue review.. For AnimeNEXT, I was supposed to cosplay Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon, but those plans fell through.

Regardless, the method I was planning to use for Serenity was to use a short wig and a long wig (I bought a 100 cm wig). Now my one issue with buying the two wigs from eBay is that some sellers, especially the Asian ones, don’t have a prearranged set of colors. If you look on some wig websites such as Arda, they have a color chart for their wigs. Many eBay sellers don’t do that.

So if you plan on buying two wigs of the same color, but are different lengths, I would recommend sending the eBay seller a note to check. I was originally going to buy the wigs from another seller, but they couldn’t reassure that the wigs would be the same color, so I decided to buy from cosplaydna2009.

When you check out the item, you are allowed to leave a note to the seller; I just wrote a note saying I bought another wig and the item number (after I purchased the first wig) so they could ship it together.

The fibers were very soft so I am satisfied with my purchase. The only negative I can think of is that you can see the netting a bit through the wig, but that also happens when the fibers are super light.

Rating: ★★★★☆/ 4 out of 5.

– Good quality wigs.
– Seller was quick and helpful when I asked questions.

– No tracking number.
– Can see the betting through the wig a bit.

Price: $27.20 (Long wig) + $23.40 (Short wig) + free shipping = $50.60
Item Location: China
Time for Arrival: 11 days.

Would I purchase from them again? Yes.

If you wish to purchase this wig, search “1011 New long Silver White Cosplay Party Wig 100cm” in the eBay search bar for the long wig, “138 New Short Silver White Cosplay Party Wig” for the short wig, or look through cosplaydna2009’s ebay profile.