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Super late post. It is finally spring! Even though it doesn’t look like it outside.. But here is my SpringFest report!

I went to SpringFest 2011 in Polytechnic NYU on March 12th. I wore my Hatsune Miku costume because I couldn’t finish Yuna on time and she’s my favorite character in Final Fantasy so where was a bare minimum of what I would have to complete to debut her, and I couldn’t reach it. So I wore Miku instead!

I had my drawing class so I didn’t get to go to SpringFest until afterwards. I met up with my friends, ~kadishu and ~Richumaru. I went to the Cosplay Contest/Meet up and met up with ~Kitsune-Intoxicated who was hosting it. Andrew from Conpics, and my friends, *knight28, ~GI10, *TheBigTog were there. There were a lot of people! Andrew and a few other people said I should join the contest, and I had nothing better to do so I did.

I ended up winning first place in Craftsmanship. The contest was a casual event and scheduled very last minute so there were no prizes, which wasn’t much of an issue to me. But.. Miku is SO popular. Haha the crowd went wild, even though I was in her ‘Magnet’ form.

Afterwards I was interviewed by ~OutOfTimeProductions. Since I got there late, SpringFest was pretty much over after that. So that concluded my day. My friends and I went out to dinner afterwards.

All in all I had a good time. I’ll definitely attend again next year if I am able to. Hopefully I’ll get to venture around the rest of the convention next time!