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Name: Kurama / 蔵馬
Appearance: Yu Yu Hakusho
Variation: Dark Tournament Outfit
Description: Kurama is perhaps the most calculating, cunning, and analytical member in the series and of the main characters. He is able to carefully look past his feelings and see the real situation at hand, demonstrated on more than one occasion. In battle, while his preference is to concoct strategies based on deducing his opponents abilities, he is quite cutthroat when the need arises.

Worn at: AnimeNEXT 2010, Northern NJ Cosplay Picnic 2010, Sakura Matsuri 2011, AnimeUSA 2011.

Why I chose this costume:
If anyone knows me, my all time favorite anime is Yu Yu Hakusho, despite the fact that I have yet to actually finish the series.. But my favorite character is Kurama. I don’t want to go crazy fan girl, but I absolutely love him. I’m going to stop there. I think I had originally wanted to make his school uniform, but was discouraged because.. well it is essentially a school uniform. So I decided to use one of his dark tournament oufits.

Mechanics of the outfit:
My mom helped me cut out the pattern, and sewed the collar. I sewed the blue lining and everything else. The white shirt I already had. For the pants, I took white sweatpants and sewed an elastic band on the inside. The rose whip is made by my friend, Youkuro, aka. my Hiei. The waistband was the remaining fabric from the lining, which I pinned in. The shoes were Tai Chi shoes that I had in my house. For the contacts, I used Dolly green. More information on the wig can be seen here.

Personal Feelings:
I had fun with this cosplay haha. I met a bunch of crazy fan girls. I also met my Hiei at the convention I debuted it. I’m glad I got to cosplay as Kurama. ^^ For more images, check out my deviantart!

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