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Soo my cosplay plans changed a little. I’m still doing Yuna, Ringo, and Miku. I may not do Ciel Phantomhive anymore. I decided not to because Black Butler is still very popular so there will be 9483578495 Kuroshitsuji cosplayers.. I’d rather be one of the few people cosplaying a certain character. It’s more fun that way haha. If there are so many of the same cosplay, unless yours is one of the best of them all, it’ll just be looking at the same thing. So I have 3 new ideas. I also figure that if I go to Otakon next year, I need 3 epic cosplays xD

One is Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors 6. She’s one of the few female characters you can actually play in the game. She resides in the Kingdom of Cao, and her husband is Cao Pi. (hehe one of my favorite male characters) She’s one of my favorite female characters. Sun Shang Xiang being my first of course.

Anyways, I was on Skype with one of my friends I met from AnimeNEXT. Somehow we got to the topic of Dynasty Warriors 6. He wanted to cosplay as Cao Pi and I said I’d cosplay as Zhen Ji (I like her outfit anyways ^^).

So we’re going to do that for Otakon 2011, unless my other two cosplays I have planned fall through, then AnimeNEXT 2011!


The next cosplay idea I have is a Sakura one from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I have to finish reading that actually.. But the storyline breaks my heart, even though I partially know what happens in the end, but still! I love the idea of a Sakura x Syaoran storyline.

This one is in the making actually, I’ll most likely have this one for AnimeNEXT as well. I already began making the dress portion of it last night for no reason xD I just wanted to see if I could actually do it.

It’s actually coming out pretty decent actually. It’s long and flowy 😀 The only problem I have is that.. I didn’t use a pattern when I made it. I sort of took a piece of fabric and started snipping and sewing away. Soo.. we’ll see how it comes out in the end! ^^ If it works, I’ll use it, if not, then I won’t.


Last but not least! I wanted to do another cosplay, where the character had sort of a baby face or looked like a child. Mainly because.. I’ll only look
like a 12 year old for so long xDD Don’t worry I’m not that young.. but I get that a lot hahaa, so I figure do all the children looking one before my face matures and I don’t look like that anymore..

So I decided to do a Chii cosplay. I’ve always wanted to cosplay as Chii. There’s one Chii cosplay that I make, it’s my dream cosplay. But! My skill level isn’t there yet.. So I don’t want to make it at the moment. This is her from Tsubasa Chronicles, hence the animal-like ears. I’m probably just going to do her persocom ears.

As sad as it is to say, this is one of her simpler ones xD I love a lot of her other outfits, but they’re lolita-esque, so many of them are poofy, and I don’t really know how to make the cosplay round like that.. And it doesn’t help that I don’t have a dress form either.. D: There is one other one I really want to do, but the way the picture is drawn, it makes no sense.

I really love this one, I like the idea of Chii as a princess, she looks really cute and elegant. But! This would only make sense to me if the opening was in the front, but the way the picture is drawn, it’s open in the back. That and if it were opened that way, you can’t have a petticoat. Without a petticoat, the dress wouldn’t poof. Without a poof, it wouldn’t be much of a princess dress.

If I can figure out how to do this one then I will. ^^ Oh CLAMP.. You and your gravity defying clothing.. >< But yeah.. these are my new cosplay plans.. So I’ll end up having to do.. 6 cosplays next year?? o_O

I’m hoping to finish Yuna before next weekend.. Miku is pretty much done. Ringo is an easy one. Then there’s these three.. xD Zhen Ji will probably be the hardest. Sakura, I pretty much have the base dress done. Chii.. I may just do a circle dress for the one.. Not sure yet..haha