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I needed a wig for a Miku Hatsune “Magnet” cosplay. My friend and I are going to cosplay as Miku x Luka from Vocaloid 2 for this cosplay picnic next weekend. I was basically frantically searching for a wig last week because sometimes shipping takes around 2 weeks, more so because the wigs I tend to like are overseas in Asia.

I debated on getting a straight wig to put pigtails in (probably not the best idea) or to just buy the wig in the pigtails by itself (usually sold as a combination of a short wig and long pigtail clips). The issue with the latter is it would be more expensive, almost double the cost of a straight wig. I fell in love with this particular wig.

I pieced together some pictures from the product page. Usually when I buy wigs, I want to make sure they are heat resistant. You never know when you need to straighten/curl a wig.

This is the reference picture on the right. It’s always a little tricky with Miku wigs, because in some songs, her hair is a darker or lighter shades than other songs.

Looking back on it, I sort of wish I got this one for only 45$ + free shipping. But a partial reason I didn’t want to get it was because I don’t know many cosplays with a bob haircut in that particular color. And what would I do with blue colored pigtails by itself anyways?

Anyways, I had a positive experience with this seller. I ordered on July 25th, they shipped it the next day. I received it on August 2nd, so I got it within a week ^^ The shipping on eBay said 1-2 weeks.

I really love the quality and color of the wig. I didn’t receive a wig cap like they said would come with it (as a free gift). But I already had a wig cap prior to this so it wasn’t a huge deal for me. I won’t go complain about it xD The one thing I was more interested in getting was the wig brush which I’m glad I have. It’s so much easier to comb a wig now.

The quality is not bad. I’m not sure what type of fibers they use, because they don’t list it. But it has sort of a chalky feeling, if that makes any sense. It doesn’t feel like real hair like my red Kurama wig did. I wish I could upload a photo of me wearing it, but my camera makes the wig color look blue.

Rating: ★★★☆☆/ 3.5 out of 5.

– Fair quality.
– Shipped quickly.
– Wonderful color, matches image.
– Heat resistant.
– Comes with a wig brush [and wig cap].

– No tracking number.
– Didn’t receive a wig cap when it was listed.
– Has that synthetic feel.
– Occasionally photographs blue.

Price: 22.69$ + 9.99$ shipping = 32.68$
Item Location: South Korea

Would I purchase from them again? That’s debatable. I didn’t like the feel of it, and it tangles easily. I would have to really really love the color and not have been able to find it somewhere else. The wig color I received is not as bright as the one in the reference image, but it’d probably look be better in a brighter light. And you can’t expect the color to be 100% exact as the image on the screen xD

If you wish to purchase this wig, search “GREEN BLUE Long straight cosplay party wig B207 F7G” in the eBay search bar, or look through superoulet-2009’s eBay profile.