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I’m going to upload my cosplay pictures (that I should’ve uploaded a while ago..) from this year! Did a photoshoot with all three cosplays. Will be doing another Tifa photoshoot in August.. This will seriously be my 5th photoshoot with her.. Hopefully my last xD The idea will get stale if I do it too many times..

I will hopefully be doing a “shipping” photoshoot as Kurama with my friend as Hiei. Then possibly doing a Miku Hatsune x Luka Megurine photoshoot from the song “Magnet” by the program Vocaloids 2. In the process of making the headphones.. which is torture D: I love the way it looks, but cutting out little pieces out of a butterfly wing is tedious.. May do a tutorial on it since someone requested it.

So anyways! My 2011 Cosplay Plan!

Yuna from Final Fantasy X! I’ve wanted to cosplay as her for the longest time. I am absolutely in love with her story (even though I have yet to play the game… Unfortunately I know the basic outline of what happens)

Her story breaks my heart. Ah.. now it seems like I love her character more that I love her outfit.. I still love her outfit hahaa, her story just captivates me even more.

I always thought of myself as a tragic person. Everytime I wrote stories, someone would have to die, or have their heart broken..

There’s other reasons too, but that’s another story for another day..

Anywhoo.. I bought her fabric!! Hopefully working on it this weekend.. Though I doubt I’ll finish the staff by then..

Ciel Phantomhive! I originally wanted to cosplay in his pink ball gown outfit.. But.. since Black Butler is gaining more popularity.. It’s like everyone else in the world is doing it as well.. And I don’t cosplay in the same thing as everyone else xD

I’ll do it one day.. just not now.. So I chose his outfit from the cover of the “Monochrome no Kiss” CD by SID. I’ve only seen one cosplay of this. Just one.

But since it’s a cover album art, they don’t show the whole thing.. So I’m just going to make up the bottom portion. I have an idea of what I want to do. Executing it may be an issue..

Ringo Noyamano from Air Gear. My friend has an Air Gear group and they asked me to be Ringo xD

Hers is relatively simple so it shouldn’t take me that long to make. Though I probably won’t work on it this summer haha.

Finally, Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid 2, with the outfit from the song, “Magnet,” a duet sung with Luka Megurine about forbidden love.

I don’t really like doing super popular cosplays unless I really like the character. I will still do them, but just when the fad is over. For example, I wanted to make a Lightning or Vanille cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII.. But since the game just came out.. 29365792465439 other people are cosplaying as Lightning.. So.. I’ll probably do it in 2012.. or maybe later than that.

But what sparked this one was my friend is cosplaying as Kururu from Air Gear and had a similar pink wig. And I said we should do a Vocaloid cosplay, and this one is probably one of the easier ones. (Too many Miku’s in the world anyways..)

Been making the headphones for this one. Will upload it soon!

So these are my cosplay plans for next year! If I (hopefully) go to Otakon next year, may come up with something else as well xD I have a ton of ideas for cosplays.. Wish I could just make them all xD